We have the privilege to introduce Ola Engkvist as one of the Scheele symposium speakers


We have an impressive lineup of speakers at the Scheele symposium, in addition to the Scheele laureate himself, and the time has come to introduce Ola Engkvist, AstraZeneca, Chalmers University of Technology, who will share his work on Applying AI to drug design on November 9. This is his elevator pitch!

How does your research relate to Prof. Shultz’s scientific work?

My research relates to Prof Schultz work, through that I want to create better tool compounds faster with machine learning (ML)/AI.

Can you explain the potential applications and impact of your research for drug discovery/drug development ?

ML/AI can be used both for identifying novel frug targets as well as being used for drug design.

How will your research contribute for the benefit of patients ?

Our ambition is to create small molecule clinical candidates faster through applying ML/AI.

What are some recent breakthroughs or discoveries that will advance in your field?

A breakthrough has been using generative AI to navigate the chemical space.

What advice would you give to aspiring researchers interested in pursuing a career in chemical biology, and how can they contribute?

To fully embrace the interdisciplinary aspects of the field and be open to new ideas both experimentally and computationally since the field is moving forward very rapidly.