Quantitative Pharmacology – An Introduction to Integrative Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analysis

PKPD awareness is vital if we are to attempt to relate preclinical results to the acute and long term consequences in humans. The debate on whether preclinical findings can be translated to the human usage is still engaging scientists across industry, academia and regulatory bodies. Pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) comprise traditionally distinct disciplines within pharmacology, the study of the interaction of drugs with the body. It is our intention to show that by deliberately, intimately and systematically integrate these disciplines our understanding of drugs and the efficiency and effectiveness of drug discovery and development may be greatly enhanced.

The book is therefore written with a broad audience in mind and focuses on concepts. Pharmacologists of all sorts, safety scientists, pharmacokineticists, medicinal chemists, clinicians, statisticians, veterinarians, animal science professionals, project leaders and students of medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary sciences are the primary targets.

This textbook

  • introduces the basics of PK and PD concepts
  • outlines the implications of integrating PK and PD analysis
  • introduces the principles behind different biomarkers and inter-species scaling
  • discusses experimental design of PK, PD and safety studies in non-human species
  • covers numerous real life Case Studies from the drug discovery arena.

Författare: Gabrielsson Johan , Hjorth Stephan
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