Rosenön Award 2019

To stimulate research within the areas drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and/or pharmacodynamics AstraZeneca sponsors the Rosenön Award with 30 000 SEK, to be awarded to the best doctoral thesis of the year, defended at a Swedish university.

Theses within the relevant areas that have been defended at a Swedish university during the period June 1st, 2018 – May 31st, 2019 are qualified to compete for the award. Last day for application June 1st 2019, see below.

The theses are reviewed by the board of the Section for pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism within the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society. During the review the following aspects are particularly scrutinized:
1. Novelty
2. Independence
3. Collaboration with other research groups
4. Thesis applicability and its scientific importance
5. Scientific quality
6. The summary (”kappan”) – informative introduction to the subject with the results set in context; the ability to communicate science and results.

The application including a motivation to why this thesis should be awarded (written by the applicant) and the complete thesis (summary and all separate papers, preferably in pdf format) should be sent by the latest June 1st, 2019 to Annika Lundvall,

The motivation should pointwise address the thesis with respect to novelty, independence, collaboration with other research groups, and the applicability and scientific importance of the thesis. The supervisors and co-supervisors should be clearly stated. This template Applicationform RosenönAward 2019 should be used for this purpose and named as “NameApplicant_Motivation”.

For further information, contact Maria Kjellsson (

Earlier award winners:

2018 Emilie Schindler: Pharmacometrics to improve clinical benefit assessment in oncology
2016 Elin Svensson: Pharmacometric Models to Improve Treatment of Tuberculosis
2015 Åsa Johansson: Methodology for handling missing data in nonlinear mixed effects modelling
2014 Jenny Pedersen: ATP-Binding-Cassette transporters in biliary efflux and drug-induced liver injury
2013 Anna-Karin Hamberg: Pharmacometric models for individualisation of warfarin in adults and children
2012 Joakim Nyberg: Practical optimal experimental design in drug development and drug treatment using nonlinear mixed effects models
2011 Markus Fridén: Development of methods for assessing unbound exposure in the brain
2010 Gustav Ahlin: In vitro and in silico prediction of drug-drug interactions with transport proteins
2009 Radojka Savic: Improved pharmacometric model building techniques
2008 Pär Matsson: ATP-Binding cassette efflux transporters and passive membrane permeability in drug absorption and disposition
2007 Mats Magnusson: Pharmacodynamics of enzyme induction and its consequences for substrate elimination
2006 Mia Sandberg Lundblad: Interindividual variation in drug metabolism with focus on polymorphic cytochrome P450 2C9
2005 Siv Jönsson: Estimation of dosing strategies for individualisation
2004 Lovisa Alfzelius: Computational modelling of structures and ligands of CYP2C9