Scholarships for PhD-students at Swedish Universities

PhD-students in pharmaceutical sciences at swedish universities can apply scholarships for activites which starts after may 1, 2021. Last day for application 5th of February 2021.

Scholarship to apply:

  • Exame project abroad
  • Courses and conferences
  • Summer research, 5-7 weeks, 2500kr/week
  • Post doc scholarship


Application for Exam project abroad must be completed with:

Travel scholarships intended to enable degree projects abroad in the field of pharmacy / pharmaceuticals. Please note that it is only possible to apply before travel expenses, not for other expenses. These applications must be supplemented with a certificate from the examiner at the parent institution in Sweden and a certificate from the receiving institution.

Application for Summer research must be completed with:

Personal letter, 1 A4-page (at maximum) and motivation

Short project description, 1 A4- page (at maximum) from project responsible/supervisor where it is clear that the institution/company will be responsible for neccessary resources.

The project description should include research in the pharmacy’s subject areas.

The project description should be signed by both the supervisor and the applicant and the dates for the summer research stay.

Application for post doc scholarships must be completed with:

Personal letter
Scheduled timetable for the postdocvistit.
Project Description
List of Publications
Certificate from supervisor at the parent institution
Certificate from receiving institution
Date of dispute
Budget Plan
Declaration of non-grant / scholarships from elsewhere

Applications, including all attachments, must be submitted digitally via the link below. Applications are only accepted via this form.

To application form


Porträtt Lisa Bandholts, vetenskaplig sekreterare.

Lisa Bandholtz
Phd, Scientific Secretary
Telefon: 08 – 723 50 39

Annika Lundvall
Telefon: 08 – 723 50 06