Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

The aims pf the section is to promote the scientific and professional development of terms of quality issues and practical application of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the development, manufacturing, distribution and sale of drugs.

The section also works to promote interaction of skills, to share knowledge and to stimulate discussion and experience in the quality field. The area is very extensive and includes not only regulatory and quality assurance, but also subjects such as formulation, quality control, engineering, research & development, inspection and documentation.

The section was established in 1998 and has about 410 members.

Members in this section work mainly in pharmaceutical industry, but even pharmacies, universities, health care and government are represented. The section is open to all professional categories. The new specialization for pharmacists in pharmacy – Läkemedelsansvarig – appointed to be responsible for and safeguarding quality and patient safety issues within the pharmacy will be the focus in the coming years, which means that the section will extend its operations in this area.