International Clinical Trials Day – get together

Clinical Trials

The section’s vision is to promote development and increase competence in the field of clinical studies and to be a meeting place for people with a professional interest in medicine. The section also generally wants to increase awareness and understanding of the central role of clinical trials in medical development.

The section actively participates in discussions around the regulations governing the clinical trial process and is therefore often used as a referral body for investigations and proposals for regulations concerning clinical trials and drug approval.

The members are active in both healthcare, industry, government and the academic world, for example as clinical examiners, research nurses, doctors, pharmacists and hold positions within various authorities.

The Division for Clinical Studies has about 1,100 members and is thus the largest section of the Pharmacy Society.

In collaboration with the Läkemedelsakademin, we organize educational activities that are highly appreciated, including courses in GCP as well as theme days to promote continuing education and debate.

Within the section there are local networks that organize “After Work” meetings with interesting lectures in current subject areas around the country. As a member, you attend these meetings free of charge.


Karin Leire, chairman