Drug Information

The Section for Drug Information is a forum for those who are interested in – and/or are working with – drug information in one way or another. We currently have about 320 members across the country working in pharmacies, industry, governmental agencies, media and healthcare.

The section work to encourage interaction between different professions by sharing knowledge and stimulating discussion on medicines. The aim for us is to create a network and a place for dialogue and exchange of experiences. If you are interested in communication and information, this is the section for you.

In the section we want to:

• monitor current issues and highlight different perspectives of what is happening in the field of drug information
• raise questions and create a debate on issues related to drug information.
• create opportunities for dialogue and exchange of experiences concerning information about medicines
• solve issues, and work to improve drug information which ultimately benefits the patient.

We carry out several activities each year, primarily in Stockholm. Along with the regional divisions we also try to arrange activities in other locations. It may be, for example, courses, workshops, theme days or evening meetings. Here are some examples of activities undertaken during the past year:

• When will we have green drugs? Why are they stalling?
• Drugs and Social Media
• Joint arrangement with Läkemedelsakademin: Over-the-counter – what happens outside the pharmacy logo?


Kia Rönngard, Chairman