Clinical Proteomics for the Benefit of Patients

För första gången i Skandinavien genomförs HUPO 2020 i Stockholm 18-22 oktober. Redan 2017 var det klart att Apotekarsocieteten tillsammans med sin SIG Swedish Proteomic Society skulle vara värd för 2020 års kongress.

Welcome to HUPO 2020 World Congress in Stockholm hosted by Apotekarsocieteten (Swedish Pharmaceutical Society) and Swedish Proteomic Society .

The official congress theme ”Clinical Proteomics for the Benefit of Patients” brings together biopharma and biotech drug developments, for the first time involving Pharma Industry in one of the foremost arenas for the advancement of life sciences – a natural next step for considering that knowledge derived from proteomics research is playing an increasingly important role in drug development.

Join the congress in Stockholm 18-20 October 2020 to learn more about:

  • Systems biology.
  • Disease areas such as; oncology, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and infection/immunology.
  • Biomarkers and diagnostics that can aid in selecting optimal drug choice and use for patient benefit.

Registration for the 2020 HUPO World Congress will open soon. Read more


György Marko-Varga
Chair Local Organizing Committee
+46 46 33 6887

Lisa Bandholtz
Scientific Secretary, Apotekarsocieteten
+46 8 723 50 39