Apotekarsocieteten (Swedish Pharmaceutical Society) acts as a meeting place, a source of knowledge and monitors global trends in order to support professionals in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicines.

The society strives to be the professional voice of the pharmaceutical sciences with the overarching aims of supporting research and innovation in medicines and healthcare, and promoting high professional standards through education and professional development.

Albeit dating back to the 18th century, the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society’s modern history started in 1971. Since then, the activities of the society have focused on scientific matters, education, and publishing. As a member you will be part of a network spanning many professions within the pharmaceutical sector. Our members include chemists, engineers, physicians, pharmacists and nurses, prescriptionists and are organized into 14 specialized scientific sections, 11 regional divisions and 3 interdisciplinary interest groups. For more information about the scientific sections and regional divisions, click here.