Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical History

The Section for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical History has just over 250 members. The section, which is a member of the International Society for the History of Pharmacy, has the task to:

  • promote the study of the history of pharmacy and of pharmacy history teaching and research
  • care for documentation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of pharmacy
  • engage in cultural activities in the pharmacy historic area

For these purposes, the Section has supported research and compiled teaching materials. The section keeps records of pharmacy items, pharmaceutical packaging, recipe envelopes, so-called hangtags and pharmacy historical images. There is also comprehensive data available for old pharmacies. Section members have also compiled lists of pharmacy historical literature. Knowledge of pharmacy and medicines’ history is spread through various activities such as lectures and excursions to historically interesting environments and via the member magazine Unicornis. A large number of objects have been loaned to pharmacies and companies to recall past relationships. By agreement with Apoteket AB the section is active in the preservation of the six historic “Culture Pharmacie”s in the country.

The section is responsible for Apotekarsocieteten’s Pharmacy History Museum. In the tab, you can make a virtual tour of the museum. The collection has been created bydonations from pharmacies, companies and individuals. The museum collaborates with other museums and historical societies for medicine and is a member of the National Association of Swedish Museums and in the network of Medical History Museums. The collections are displayed for groups of up to 15 people. For prices and reservations, please contact

Large areas of pharmacy and drug history have not been systematized and are still unexplored, such as drug information and marketing, product development, packaging and cancellations. The Section for History of Pharmacy  wants to establish contact with persons with knowledge and interest in the various areas of pharmacy history. Send questions and suggestions to


Nils-Otto Ahnfelt, chairman