Regional Divisions Kretsar

The eleven regional divisions (local unions) organize courses, field trips and social activities at more than 40 sites in Sweden for members who appreciate a local networking.

The regional divisions collaborate with other local professional associations in the pharmaceutical field as well as with the specialized scientific sections of Apotekarsocieteten. Each division elects its own board.

Events arranged by the regional divisions are in Swedish.

1. Gävleborgs-Dala krets
2. Nedre Norrlands krets
3. Norra Mälarkretsen
4. Närkes-Värmlands krets
5. Skånska kretsen
6. Stockholmskretsen
7. Sydöstra kretsen
8. Västgötakretsen
9. Västra kretsen
10. Östra kretsen
11. Övre Norrlands krets