För en bra utveckling och användning av läkemedel

Supporting the development and responsible use of drugs

Apotekarsocieteten is a non-profit organization gathering professionals engaged in the field of pharmaceuticals. The aim of the organization is to drive and support research and innovation in medicines and Healthcare – and to promote a high professional standard through continuosly support education and development in the field.

Albeit dating back to the 18th century, Apotekarsocietetens modern history started in 1971. Since then, the activities of the society focus on scientific matters, education, and publishing. The body of individual members, close to 5 000, is divided into 14 specialized scientific sections, 11 regional divisions and 3 interdisciplinary interest groups. For more information about the scientific sections and regional divisiona, click here.

As a member you will be part of a network of several professions, working within different parts of the pharmaceutical field. Chemists, engineers, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, prescriptionists and many more are part of our network.

Opinion makers Apotekarsocieteten is an important consultation body for a number of authorities and has an active role in many investigations and position papers designed to strengthen the life science sector in Sweden.

High professional standards Our subsidiary Läkemedelsakademin (Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences) offers high quality courses and topical news. Apotekarsocieteten awards scholarships for continuing education for graduate students and postdoctoral stays.

Läkemedelsvärlden Independent site that highlights issues in medicine and Life science.

Scheele Award In honor of the world-renowned Swedish chemist and pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele, Apotekarsocieteten has since 1961 bestowed the Scheele Award on prominent scientists in the field of pharmaceutical research or related disciplines. Three of the award winners have subsequently received the Nobel Prize. By tradition the award ceremony is accompanied by a symposium carrying the signature of the prize-winner. The Scheele prize includes a medal, a diploma and SEK 250 000.