Former Laurates

 The  Scheele Award Laureate 2015

Professor Robert S Langer, MIT, USA ““for his extraordinary achievements in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Professor Langer is a pioneer of drug delivery including controlled release- and non-invasive delivery systems across complex barriers in the body. His innovations has led to improved therapies and saved the lives of many patients. In addition Professor Langer is also known as the founder of tissue engineering in regenerative medicine” Read more about Professor Langer and his research here.

The  Scheele Award Laureate 2013

Professor Garret A FitzGerald, University of Pennsylvania, USA “for his translational approach to elucidating the mechanisms of drug action and his substantial contribution to the development of low dose aspirin as a strategy for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Professor FitzGerald was the first to predict and explain the cardiovascular hazard from non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs,) including those selective for COX-2, establishing a new paradigm for our approach to drug safety. Aside from these contributions, Professor FitzGerald has also made discoveries fundamental to our understanding of how central and peripheral clocks interact and how dysfunction of peripheral clocks can influence predisposition to cardiometabolic disease”. Read more about Professor FitzGerald and his research here.

Scheele Laureates 1961- 2015

Professor Robert S Langer

Professor Garret A FitzGerald

The Scheele Award laureate 2011, Kathleen M Giacomini in her lab at the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, University of California, San Francisco.


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