Swedish Proteomics Society

The Swedish Proteomics Society was founded in December 2001, a year that marks a historical turning point in genomic research.

The approximate 30.000 genes from a given mammalian cell will form the basis for the corresponding Proteome. A single gene is able to produce several functional proteins, resulting in a number of diffrential mRNA splicing and post-translational modifications. This biological momentum positions the Proteomics research area in a central role and interest, and will continue to do so in the future.

The exact number in the human Proteome has been estimated to 300.000 to a few million, our scientific efforts in the Proteomics research society will have an answer to this in due time.

The birth of the Swedish Proteomics Society is a natural consequence of the strong interest in Sweden for protein expression profiling linked to a strong position in biomedichal-, biotech, and biology area in general, that combines genomics, protein chemistry and molecular biology.

The aim of the society is to promote activities within the Proteomics field in Sweden, and also as an interface to the international Proteomics programs as well as state of the art technology progresses being made.

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